Believe, quite a strong word.

If any of us are going to make it, we have to believe. We have to believe in every small thing- in the comfort of having a cup of coffee, hearing our mother’s voice after a long day! Life ropes weight to our spines and if we want to overcome that, we simply just have to believe. Believe in yourself. Believe in your destiny. Believe in Universe. I am sure it has great plans for every one of us.

Sometimes, we wish life to slow down. As many a times, no one really understands you. No one really understands the storms you hold within yourself. No one really understands the battles you fight for whichever reason. We wish for a pause. Pause for the battles so that we can actually start living.

But I tell you one thing: Even if you lose all the battles of your life but not with yourself, you are still a winner 🙂

And yes ofcourse, you can’t be good in everyone’s perspective. There will always be people, who will misunderstand you, who will believe in what they have heard about you. Actually they are the dumb ones who don’t have their own mind to analyze. You can ignore them, always!

In the end, just be gentle to everyone because you never know everyone’s story. Say hello to all the wonderful possibilities, people and opportunities that life gives you. And yes ofcourse, BELIEVE! It’s a long road ahead.

Think Beyond!

The perception of most people towards Life is something I can’t understand. I don’t know why but there are people who are so good at pretending things but the fact is that there is no need to pretend anything. Just be the way you are!

I know many people who would reply to the messages they receive after an hour or two to show the person on the other end that they are so busy in life! I know people who would never initiate to talk first because they think why should I break the ice first? I know people who would actually judge you when you try to talk to them in a first place! Is there really a need of all of this?

What I believe is that be the kind of a person to whom anyone can come up and share anything. Be the kind of a person who is always easy to reach. We all are so concerned about social media getting over the humanity and lack of personal touch but how many of us actually make an effort to prove it wrong?

Life is beautiful! We learn about so many things, we meet people, we fall in love, we fight, we do everything but the one thing we should never stop is to grow! Always grow as a person and try to see things beyond! There is already lack of positive vibes in today’s life, let’s contribute towards it and make this world a better and a happy place to live in.

PS: I am not a philosopher. I am also learning and constantly growing. This is something I felt like sharing so I tried to do the same.